About us

Hello folks, 
My name is Alex. In 2017, I've founded Curly Woods along with my wife Magalie. Curly Woods is a Quebec, Canada based small family business. We design and build furniture and lighting functional pieces of art with the commitment of meeting the highest quality standard. I have been woodworking since the mid 90s. I started by designing and building wood furniture for several years after what I've begin introducing concrete in my creations. Then, I spent 4 years studying luthiery, building several custom guitars along the way. Today, I'm back to my roots, more skilled and passionate than ever. I now dedicate my time to the creation of home furniture's art pieces with Magalie. 

In Today's world, where everything is made to be disposed of we're going against the tides. We proudly make all of our pieces by hand and in-house from carefully selected sustainable materials and all of our creations are made to last a life time. Each idea for a potential Curly Woods product is thoughtfully vetted through countless hours of research, design, and crafting. The finished products we offer are the result of many iterations and fine tuning to ensure perfect usability, and style. The quality of our products is in the details: the intentional contrast between wood grains and concrete is our signature.

Curly Woods mission is to create products that will fit perfectly our customers expectation and needs, therefore all of our productions can be customized to fit your unique desires. We believe that the spaces we inhabit affect our mood, thoughts, and actions. As such, we aim to make products that look stunning. 

Welcome to Curly Woods!
Alex & Magalie